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Welcome to NEFAR!
NEFAR is a rocketry organization that encompasses the National Association of Rocketry Section #563 and Tripoli North Florida (TRA Prefect #35).

Who is welcome? All interested rocketeers and their families. We currently hold low, mid, and high power rocket launches (A - M impulse motors) at the Clegg sod farm in Bunnell, FL. The field is FAA waivered for high power rockets flying up to 2,000', with call in for higher altitudes.

News Flash:
April Launch Successful!
Perhaps the largest crowd ever at a NEFAR launch.  
Nice weather for flying, many college projects and Scout troops flew their rockets,
....along with all the usual suspects.  Photos and videos coming soon!  
In the meantime, check out the NEFAR
FaceBook page where several membors have already uploaded some very nice videos.

With Sadness...
To announce that David Garven, long-time NEFAR flyer, has passed away.  
We offer consolation and support to his family, friends, and fellow flyers.
Fly high, David!  You will always be with us.  

Please do not use 418mHz at NEFAR launches
If you are planning to use telemmetry at a NEFAR launch, try to avoid using the radio frequency 418 megaHertz as it is the same frequency used by our new wirless launch control system.
This could cause problems for your rocket, our controller, or both.  

Updated 4/14/2014 JY