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February 2007
Clegg Sod Farm, Bunnell, FL
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Scott Borders Hybrid 2/10/07Scott Borders
Hybrid Launch  
(2 meg .wmv file, 26 seconds)
Scott Borders Hybrid 2/10/07
Gary Dahlke
Gary Dahlke 
Quantum Leap 4
(4 meg .wmv file)

(Doubling of finsets in still photo is a photographic articact.)
Quantum Leap after booster separation
Brian Coyle Hybrid 2/10/07
Brian Coyle
Hybrid Launch  
(5 meg .wmv file, 72 seconds)
Many "firsts:"
  •  first flight for this rocket
  •  first hybrid motor
    (SRS 38mm J)
  •  first time using the Perfectflite HA45K
  •  first time dual deploy
  •  first time using the new QuickBurst Hot Coils
2008 feet at apogee. Fortunately, only the parachute went in the drink.
Parachute in the ditch
Pinkeye - the Sugar Rush with camcorderJimmy Yawn
 PinkEye - Flight 1
Low & Slow to 820 feet
(20 meg .wmv file, 148 seconds)

Steve Ghioto
Dual Pulse  
(2 meg .wmv file, 24 seconds)
Scott Jolley
G motor  
(3 meg .wmv file, 32 seconds)
Delta II launch from Jetty Park pierDelta II launch
THEMIS payload
As seen from Jetty Park 
Short video
(10 megs, 87 seconds)

Long video
(39 megs, 512 seconds)
Delta II in flight

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